Types of Trees
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Acacia (Shoestring)
Acacia (Willow)
Ash (Arizona)
Ash (Fan Tex)
Ash (Raywood)
Ash (Shamel)
Brazilian Pepper
Canary Island Pine
Chinese Elm
Chinese Pistache
Citrus (Grapefruit)
Citrus (Lemon)
Citrus (Mexican Lime)
Citrus (Mandarin Orange)
Citrus (Navel Orange)
Citrus (Sweet Orange)
Crape Myrtle
Desert Willow
Eldarica Pine
Ficus Nitida
Ficus Benghalensis
Ficus Macrophylla
Ficus Elastica
Ficus Benjamina
Ficus Carica
Flowering Pear
Ironwood (Desert)
Japanese Blueberry
Live Oak
Oleander (Tree Form)
Olive (Swan Hill Fruitless)
Orchid (Hong Kong)
Orchid (Purple)
Palo Brea
Purple Leaf Plum
Trees to Avoid
Bottle Tree
Carob Tree
Mesquite (Chilean)
Mulberry Tree
Pecan Tree
Silk Oak
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